A Bird in the Hand

I love discovering new knitting patterns, especially when the content is easy to read and the pattern knits exactly as described. A Bird in the Hand by Sue Stratford ticks all these boxes and more. The book is thoughtfully laid out and whether you are a beginner or super advanced knitter, you will welcome the clear, concise format. I particularly liked the chart layout detailing the pattern and yarn changes, this uncluttered approach was a joy to follow.
There are 12 lovely birds to re-create in your favourite yarns and if your anything like me you will be spoilt for choice as to which to knit first. The range includes garden birds, costal and a few exotics.  To date I have knitted Robins, Blue tits and have recently started the Seagull.  When time permits I hope to create the Woodpecker and Flamingo.

Sue uses tapestry wool for the vast colour range available, providing authentic colouration for each bird,  however you could always raid your wool stash for something appropriate and as each project only requires a small amount of wool, it’s a good opportunity to use up all those yarns left over from previous projects. You could even go off piste and knit the birds in your favourite colours for an alternative look.
Until I started knitting these patterns the techniques I-Cord and Intarsia meant absolutely nothing to me.  However, Sues, excellent description made getting to grips with these two techniques super easy.

The book has plenty of helpful advice, tips and tricks to help you navigate your way through less familiar techniques. If like me you sometimes need a visual rather than a text aid there are some excellent how-to’s on You-Tube.

I throughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys knitting and wants to expand their knitting stitch repertoire, you won’t be disappointed. Check out Sue’s website which is choc full of great patterns to try out.
Thanks for stopping by.

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